Replacing an untidy lawn with an attractive natural stone driveway


If you tend to park your vehicle on the grass outside your house, you might not notice much wear-and-tear during dry spells – but excessive rainfall during the winter months can leave your lawn sodden, making it much more susceptible to being cut up by car tyres.

This typically results in an unsightly-looking home exterior with mud streaks and tyre track marks replacing greenery. If left untreated, you even run the risk of your car getting stuck in the mud – a situation nobody needs when preparing to travel to work.

Thankfully, there’s an affordable, easy-to-install solution which can improve not just the appearance of your home, but the value of it too.


Why consider a new driveway?

A natural stone driveway from C&R (SW) Ltd utilises premium quality stone paving to create an elegant, functional and long-lasting feature in your garden which can be used for a variety of purposes – not just parking. For example, why not invest in some patio furniture and entertain friends and family in your newly-transformed space during the summer?

Natural stone driveways use interlocking stones – this makes installation reasonably quick, and the result is a sturdy surface which requires very little maintenance in order to keep it in perfect condition. Furthermore, these sorts of driveways can be expected to last for upwards of 25 years – a worthwhile investment, we’re sure most would agree.


Installing a natural stone driveway

The installation process is relatively simple for C&R’s team of expert landscapers. Firstly, the existing grass and soil are excavated before the area is compacted with a base of approximately 6 inches – although the compacting level may vary depending on how many vehicles are expected to be using the drive on a regular basis.

Attractive edging is then laid out, followed by natural stone pavers. Finally, sand is added to fill in the joints between stones, and any excess is swept away, leaving you with a brand-new natural stone driveway to be enjoyed for years to come.

For further information on how a new driveway could improve your property, or to request a quotation, simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced experts who will be happy to help.